What Is Carrier Screening?

Often called preconception genetic testing, carrier screening is a simple blood or saliva test that can help you protect your future children from inheriting a genetic condition.

Who Needs This Test?

Carrier Screening is a smart choice for anyone planning a family. All people of reproductive age should know their carrier status.

Why Get Tested?

We can help you understand your reproductive risk and take control of your family-building options. IVF with genetic testing of embryos can help you have a healthy baby.

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Your DNA – Your Past, Your Present, Your Future

Every person gets half of his or her DNA from each of their parents before they are born. Genetic conditions happen when a person doesn’t inherit enough working copies of a specific gene.

  • The average person carries three to five disease-causing genetic variants, but most have no symptoms of illness.
  • People who are missing one copy of a gene may never show signs of the associated genetic condition, but are considered “carriers.”
  • People who are missing both copies of a gene will express symptoms of the genetic condition linked to that gene.
  • 45% of people who undergo carrier screening are found to carry at least one genetic condition.
  • 3.5% of couples screened are found to have an increased risk of passing on a genetic condition.
  • When two people who carry the same genetic variant have a child, the risk of that child having a genetic disorder is 25% to 50%.

Genetics Providers Carrier Screening checks for 175+ different genes to determine if any working copies are missing.

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